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Rafting at Ciater Subang

Fun rafting at Ciater, Subang

I visited the resort to find that the long Idul Fitri holiday the place had made​​, even on a weekday. Unusually busy a Wednesday afternoon in mid-August

“It’s lucky you did not come here during Idul Fitri,” Xanana said operations manager Ciater Resort Spas, adding that the place was so full at that time that it was difficult for cars to maneuver in and out of the parking lot their way much.

The day I visited was so exceptionally hot that I missed the cool breeze that usually Lembang. Offers On the other hand, the weather was perfect for my first rafting experience.

The entrance to the rafting site is located at the front of the Ciater Spa Resort. I jumped on the rubber raft that had the shape of a canoe.

Fun rafting at Ciater, Subang

Looking straight ahead, I saw visitors from Kiara Hot Spring Pool gather on the bridge, I was going under, waiting for me and launch. Another boat At that time it did not feel quite adventurous, but just felt like I was about a boat trip on the vast water drains instead of a river.

But it was in fact a natural river with water from natural hot spring water near Tangkuban Perahu, a staffer told me.

The Ciater Spa Resort has a small lake, where her flying foxes and water recreation activities. It is very close to the rafting starting point. Only then I learned that the flow of the river was adapted by the mechanism of opening and closing of the gate of the lake, similar to that in a dam.


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